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Como ustedes sabrán en la red social de Nintendo, el Miiverse, hay muchos usuarios comentando, pero hay algunos en particular que su foto de perfil tienen una palomita verde. Esta palomita verde significa que son usuarios importantes, normalmente son personas encargadas de desarrollar los juegos o personal encargado de comunicarnos anuncios. A continuación les tenemos preparado una lista de los usuarios VIP que hemos encontrado en esta red social para que puedan seguirlos y estén pendientes de sus publicaciones. Si descubrimos otro lo iremos agregando y no olviden comentar los que ustedes encuentren para agregarlos también.


    Kero GoogleKawai

  • Suzuki NintendoSuzuki

    任天堂の 鈴木 利明( すずき としあき ) です。 『Wii Street U powered by Google 』のディレクションを担当しています。 I’m Toshiaki Suzuki from Nintendo. I am in charge of direction of Wii Street U powered by Google.

  • Dant Rambo DantGaijin

    Associate Producer at Gaijin Games, makers of the BIT.TRIP series!

  • マリチャン NintendoMchannel

    任天堂のマリチャンです。 いつもはマリオUコミュニティで企画案内係をしていますが、「ルイージの年」関連のコミュニティも担当することになりました。 「ルイージの年」期間中のみ、ルイージに変装して登場します。一緒にMiiverseを盛り上げて行きましょう! Hi there! My name is MariChan. I started out helping in the Japanese New SUPER MARIO BROS. U community, but I’m also in charge of the Luigi communities during the Year of Luigi. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone! By the way, how do you like my moustache?

  • ハヤシダ NintendoHayashid

    任天堂の林田宏一です。 スーパーマリオ3Dワールド、ファミコンリミックス、スーパーマリオ3Dランド、スーパーマリオギャラクシー2のディレクターを担当しています。 Koichi Hayashida, director of Super Mario 3D World, NES Remix, Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

  • A_Trey_U A_TREY_U_3420

    I’m a Dev at Treyarch working on Black Ops 2 and Ghosts for the Wii U. I’ve worked on almost every Call of Duty Nintendo title to date.

  • Sarah WiiFitUSarah

    Hi I’m Sarah at Nintendo. You may know me from the Nintendo TVii community. This is my account I made to play Wii Fit U, and I will be posting my progress from this account. Happy Holidays!

  • Martijn mreuvers

    Official Two Tribes account. Codemonkey and co-founder of Two Tribes

  • Julie NintendoJulie


  • Kyogoku NintendoKyogoku

    任天堂の京極あや(きょうごく あや)です。 『とびだせ どうぶつの森』『どうぶつの森 こもれび広場』のディレクターです。 Hi, I’m Aya Kyogoku from Nintendo, director of Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing Plaza.

  • Lau K Lau-KnapNok

    Game Designer at KnapNok Games

  • Ivansmith IvanDashSmith

    I’m the Director of Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition. I love my Wii U and 3DS. And wife & son of course. :p Thanks for stopping by! Send any and all feedback to

  • DisneyTeam DisneyInfinity

    Official Disney Infinity Account Infinite Possibilities. Endless Fun.

  • Sakurai SakuraiMasahiroA

    Hi, I’m the director of Super Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai of Sora. I’m working on the latest Super Smash Bros. game for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. *Our staff is translating my posts.


    Game Director/Chief Producer of the Fighting games, I’ve worked on TEKKEN past 17 years(Sometimes Soul Calibur) . Currently the leader of the TEKKEN Project.

  • tn_yasuda tn_yasuda

    NINJA GAIDEN 3 Razor’s Edge director, Team NINJA

  • tn_hayashi ninja_hayashi


  • Frozenbyte Frozenbyte

    Official account of Frozenbyte, developers of Trine 2: Director’s Cut. Used by Jukka, Kai and Mikael. We’ll try to help you with the game. 🙂

  • Aonuma NintendoAonuma

    任天堂の青沼 英二(あおぬま えいじ)です。 「ゼルダの伝説」シリーズのプロデューサーです。 Eiji Aonuma, Producer of The Legend of Zelda games, Nintendo

  • Zen NintendoYamaY_A

    I’m Yoshikazu Yamashita. I am a director on Nintendo Land.

  • Eguchi NintendoEguchiA

    I’m Katsuya Eguchi from Nintendo. I’ve produced Nintendo Land and the Animal Crossing series.

  • Shima NintendoShimaA

    I’m Takayuki Shimamura. I’m one of the directors on Nintendo Land.

  • ZombiUDev ZombiU_Dev_Team

    We can help you survive a little longer… Maybe.

  • Iwata SatoruIwataA

    Hello, I’m Satoru Iwata, global president of Nintendo. Thank you for enjoying our products. Along with my duties as company president, I also focus on «Asking» and «Delivering news directly to you».

  • Miyamoto ShigeruMiyamoto

    任天堂のゲームプロデューサー。 工業デザイナーとして1977年に任天堂に入社。 1980年にドンキーコングを作って以来、マリオやゼルダのシリーズ、ピクミンやWii Fitなどを制作してきた。 Game producer at Nintendo. Began his career at Nintendo in 1977 as an industrial designer. Ever since making Donkey Kong in 1980, he created making titles such as Mario and The Legend of Zelda series, Pikmin and Wii Fit.


    Hi, I’m Yuri from Capcom U.S.A. and I am the community specialist on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate . I’ll be sharing news and info in this community.

  • Masaccio NintendoMasarioA

    I’m Masataka Takemoto. I am the director on New SUPER MARIO BROS. U.

  • Tom NintendoTom

    Hi I’m Tom from Nintendo! Whenever there’s anything new happening to Mii


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